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72 E y e c a r e B u s i n e s s . c o m November 2017 N E W P R O D U C T S buyer's guide T H E L A T E S T I N T E C H A D V A N C E S HOYA Vision Care releases its next- generation Sync lens design, Sync III. Sync III is a single-vision lens with an enhanced design to offer patients a solution for digital eye strain. SYNC III lenses have the distance power for everyday use and a "boost zone" at the bottom of the lens that reduces eye strain during prolonged near activities, such as looking at digital screens. This allows the wearer's eye muscles to relax and focus more easily, helping to relieve eye strain and provide visual comfort. There are three levels of "boost" that target patient symptoms: +0.57D for minimal symptoms, +0.95D for moderate symptoms, and +1.32D for severe symptoms. According to HOYA, the power distribution and lens design have been enhanced based on the findings of an international focus group study on behavior and digital screen usage. Closer working distances and position of wear were taken into consideration for all three boost zones. { S P E C TAC L E L E N S E S } A CLOSER LOOK Next-Gen Relief for Digital Eyes { S P E C TAC L E L E N S E S } New Brown Photo VISION EASE has added brown to its photochromic lens color portfolio, complementing the company's existing VISION EASE Photochromic Gray lenses. The first styles immediately available in brown are SFSV and D28 bifocals in polycarbon- ate. Future availability will include D35 bifocals and 7x28 trifocals. VISION EASE reports that in performance tests against wearer comfort bench- marks, the Photochromic Brown lenses (like their gray counterparts) scored well on clarity, activation and fade-back speed, and dark- ness compared with leading brands. The brown lenses also block 43% of harmful blue light indoors and 94% outdoors, according to the company. INFO: 800-328-3449, visionease.com "Sync III is specifically designed for the single-vision wearer who spends more than two hours a day on digital devices. Independent ECPs now have a unique option for their teen and millennial patients in the overcommoditized single-vision lens space." —Barney Dougher, president, HOYA Vision Care, North America INFO: blog.hoyavision.com/eye-care- professionals, hoyavision.com HOYA Vision Care / Sync III { D I S P E N S I N G A I D S } High-Tech Lens Demo With VR What better way to pres- ent the assets of high-tech lenses than with the latest in high-tech devices? Shamir just released a new "Visual Reality" video to showcase the benefits of Shamir Attitude III—Fashion and Sport lenses. The video (for use with virtual reality devices) takes the patient through a variety of daily outdoor activities highlighting the advantages of each lens. The Attitude III designs provide a combination of an enhanced visual zone for up-close viewing, a clear intermediate zone, and distortion-free distance vision. The experience runs 2½ minutes and can be viewed using VR headsets, smart phones, or tablets. The video can be viewed using Shamir's Visual Reality app, available on Google Play and iTunes. INFO: 877-514-8330 VISION EASE / Photochromic Brown Shamir / Visual reality app

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