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NOV 2017

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ver scroll your Facebook business page only to find the invitation to "Boost Your Post?" Happen to notice that little blue box that says "Boost" on every post? At first I thought it was just plain annoying. Mosquitoes, right? Well, for the past six months I've been playing around with the Facebook Boosted Page feature, and it turns out I love the results. Here are three reasons why you should do it, too: 1. Know the time. It's the present and future of advertising. The last time I found a phone book by the front door of my house, I did the socially responsible thing—I put that book directly into the recycling bin. Sound familiar? For a small business, obsolete are the days of effective advertising via the phone book—digital is where it's at. According to TechCrunch, Facebook currently has more than 2 billion monthly users. So. Many. People. Is what they have. And, per Pivotal Marketing, more than $60 billion was spent on digital marketing in 2015—with a whopping 65% majority on Google and Facebook. Just the other day I was searching for "mountain bike gloves," and ads immedi- ately appeared on my Facebook feed. Let's imagine a potential customer is searching for "eyeglasses"—wouldn't it be awesome if your business ad popped up? It's seriously time to jump on the tar- geted ad campaign wagon. And BTW, it is no longer a wagon—it's a Porsche (keep reading). 2. Get in the fast lane. Boosting is fast & furious. Thanks to the engineers at Facebook, with the click of a button and just $1 a day, you can become your own instant market- ing agency. Yes, in less than 60 seconds— about the same time Vin Diesel can steal a Porsche—you can create targeted ads to grow your business. Just follow these steps: Step #1: From a well-performing post, just click Boost Post. Step #2: Select your audience. I started by targeting people aged 25 to 60 in my area. You can refine your tar- 32 E y e c a r e B u s i n e s s . c o m November 2017 S O C I A L M E D I A The Big Boost To boost or not to boost? A look at why Facebook post boosting might be a winner for your optical. Here, Tanya Gill, O.D., takes the digital marketing strategy for a test run e

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