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NOV 2017

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PRE-APPOINTMENT COMMUNICATION Utilize social media and digital communication techniques like email to share helpful articles about blue light and UV protection as well as discounts or promotions on relevant products before your patient steps foot into your practice. Use this touch point as an opportunity to build the knowledge base of your patient and create a topic of conversation for when they visit your practice. Try saying, " We recently posted about the unique UV protection indoors and out provided by Seiko Transitions lenses on our social media, did you see that post? Let me tell you a little bit more about it." Remember, when a millennial comes into your practice you can assume they have already shopped online, compared prices, and done their research into the newest lens technology. They are looking to you to recognize their research, supplement their knowledge, and provide a professional recommendation for their eyewear purchase. THE WELCOME Millennials don't want a sales pitch the moment they walk in the door. They are looking for an authentic relationship with your practice and a warm personalized welcome. Train your staff to review the patient schedule and recognize who is arriving for their appointment to welcoming your patients with a personalized hello. Most millennials enjoy shopping on their own and will ask for help when needed. In your welcome, offer to provide assistance but allow them to shop on their own if they would like. THE RECOMMENDATION To provide the best lens recommendation to your millennial patients, it is import to offer custom solutions and reasoning based on their lifestyle preferences. Ask about their lifestyle, career, and hobbies to gain insight into their daily lens needs or troubles they may be having with their current eyewear. Try recommending Seiko Transitions lenses to protect against blue light for patients who spend 8+ hours a day on a digital device or to protect against UV exposure for patients who commonly transition from indoor to out throughout the day. Providing custom reasoning and recommendations to millennial patients will let them know you are listening and improve their shopping experience. CHECKOUT AND PICK UP Use your patient's pick-up appointment to reinforce their decision to purchase their eyewear and offer additional education about the benefits. This second visit in an opportunity to extend their memorable patient experience, offer additional lens recommendation for specified use, or clarify and final questions your patient may have. Ask them to stay up-to-date on your social media for new lens advancements or ask them to provide you a review online. Throughout every step of the journey it is important to reiterate and solidify your patients knowledge and purchases. Creating a memorable and authentic patient experience is key to reaching and retaining your millennial patients. CREATING A MEMORABLE EXPERIENCE Millennials make up 25% of the U.S population* and have created a major shift in the retail industry. For this reason, your practice can't rely on standard selling techniques to reach this new base of consumers. It's important to train staff on how to reach and connect with this younger generation. The key is to stop selling and focus on creating a memorable experience throughout your patient's journey. From the moment a patient makes their appointment to when they arrive and shop in your optical space, you have an opportunity to build a genuine relationship and recommend the best eyewear to fit their unique lifestyle. Sources: *generationalinsights.com MILLENNIAL PATIENTS THAT RESONATES WITH

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