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È GAME CHANGERS "Environmental factors like humidity, wind, sun, et cetera, all come into play," says Dr. Erickson. So does dehydration. "icker low-to-medium water-con- tent lenses or silicone hydrogel lenses should be used for athletes with dehy- dration problems," Dr. Erickson adds. SINGLE-USE RULES! For sports, experts agree that single- use daily contacts are preferable. "A few of my favorites are Alcon's Total1, B+L's Biotrue, and J&J's Acuvue TruEye, as they are not likely to dehydrate on the eye," says Dr. Edmunds. Dr. Smithson agrees, saying that, in his experience, the Acuvue Oasys 1-Day with HydraLuxe is the premium lens for comfort and consistent visual perfor- mance in sports. "e Biotrue ONEday family also performs exceptionally well, especially for youth players who don't experience dry eye or the demands of travel and multiple games," he adds. "Plus, they're significantly lower-cost." Dr. Erickson notes that single-use contacts can be particularly useful for 74 E y e c a r e B u s i n e s s . c o m April 2017 F E A T U R E C O N T A C T L E N S E S EB UV: "Look for families of lenses that provide ultraviolet block- ing—an important safety feature for outdoor sports." —Dr. Smithson SIMPLIFY: "Many athletes in a monthly lens have stories about try- ing to decide if they should change lenses for a big com- petition. Single-use lenses eliminate that, along with worries about protein buildup." — Dr. Erickson SPARES: "Encourage athletes to always carry spares. Few things are more frustrating than dropping out of a game because you lost a lens." —Dr. Edmunds TOP SPORT TIPS Our ECPs offer suggestions for making it work: SCORING BIG Michele Andrews, O.D., senior director of North America Professional and Academic Affairs at CooperVision, discusses some key considerations in selecting contact lenses for sports. 1. ENVIRONMENT. "Know the environment. A soccer, basketball, or softball player will regularly come into contact with dirt and sweat, which makes hygiene and lens care challenging, so a one-day silicone hydrogel lens should be an option." 2. IMPACT. "For sports that involve greater impact, there's higher potential of losing a lens, so consider affordable, high-quality, single-use lenses." 3. PERFORMANCE. "Athletes with low astig- matism are sometimes underserved with spheri- cal soft lenses. One-day torics provide hygienic and cost-effective benefits that also boost visual acuity."

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