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ABOUT STEFANIE ZIEV: After graduat- ing from the University of Pittsburgh in 1992, and working with youth in Philadel- phia for two years, Stefanie Ziev moved to Los Angeles and began a 14-year career as a TV and film executive in the entertainment industry. There, she also studied spiritual psychology at the master's level before moving to New York City in 2001. In 2007, she received her certification as a life and executive coach and opened her private practice. As a coach, Ziev is known for taking elusive concepts and converting them into simple, user-friendly tools that help people shed their limits, shift their paradigm, and create success on their own terms. stefanieziev.com TRUST POINT #3 Small Moments Three-fourths of respondents believe trust is built in small moments. Patients need to feel engaged, listened to, informed, and cared for—which ultimately leads to feeling trust. MAKING THE CONNECTION: Remember to anticipate through awareness. Take the time to listen to patients, and espe- cially listen between the lines. Maybe they're having family issues and, therefore, are having a hard time focusing on being away at an appointment. Being aware of whatever the situation is and navigating the interaction with that in mind is important. It's about seeing small moments of care in a truly special way. Pearle's newest ad spot, "Ben's Glasses," is an example of this. Personal Touch Three out of four Americans find that making a personal con- nection is most important when establishing trust, especially with their doctor. MAKING THE CONNECTION: You can identify ways to con- nect with patients in any interaction you have. Asking questions and listening from a place of empathy is a great example. When you tap into a natural curiosity about a person's interests—their concerns, what keeps them up at night—and you take the time to let them know they are seen and heard, that's where connection is formed and the basis of trust is built. Trustworthiness In our recent survey, doctors were rated most trustworthy, just behind family and friends (93% vs. 87%). This demonstrates the importance of the doctor-patient relationship when it comes to trust. MAKING THE CONNECTION: Patients want to be heard, and, furthermore, they want someone who is listening from a place of empathy. Think about how intimate eye exams are, just given the proximity to your face. It's important to have a high level of trust to let someone get that close to you! Why is this so important? Because Americans trust their sight three times more than any other sense. That's one reason so many respondents said they must see something to believe it. And, it's yet another reason why keeping eyes healthy with regular exams is so incredibly important. TRUST POINT #4 TRUST POINT #2 T H E C O N S U M E R C O N N E C T I O N April 2017 E y e c a r e B u s i n e s s . c o m 53

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