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APR 2017

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Transitions and the swirl are registered trademarks of Transitions Optical, Inc., used under license by Transitions Optical Limited. ©2017 Transitions Optical Limited. Photochromic performance is influenced by temperature, UV exposure and lens material. ©2017 Seiko.*Transitions lenses block 20% to 36% of harmful blue light indoors excluding CR607 Transitions Signature VII products which block 14% to 19%. The 2 times comparison refers to typical clear 1.50 and polycarbonate hard-coated lenses. Transitions® Signature Lenses Transitions® lenses block harmful UV rays and reduce exposure to harmful blue light indoors and outdoors so your patients can more safely enjoy their vision today and in the future. Transitions® Signature® VII lenses block at least 20% of the harmful blue light indoors, which is up to 2 times more than standard clear lenses,* and they block over 85% outdoors. Super Surpass ECP AR SUPER Surpass ECP AR features an anti-static, super hydrophobic/oleophobic topcoat that repels water, oil and grime. Surpass ECP AR performs as well or better than nationally advertised AR brands and is engineered to prevent lens deterioration due to UV, humidity, and temperature fluctuations. Stock Surpass ECP AR lenses include a no slip protector to eliminate slippage and simply in-house edging. Call Now to Order! Telephone: 800.235.5367 Fax: 800.992.2895 FINISHED SINGLE VISION Seiko Optical offers the largest selection of finished single vision Transitions ® lenses for in-house edging at your practice. HARDCOAT SURPASS SUPER HYDRO AR SEIKO 1.74 Transitions® Signature™ VII (Gray) • SEIKO 1.67 Super SV Transitions® Signature™ VII (Gray) • • SEIKO 1.67 Super SV Transitions® Signature™ VII (Brown) • 1.59 DiamondClear® Transitions® Signature™ VII (Gray) - Aspheric • • 1.59 DiamondClear® Transitions® Signature™ VII (Brown) - Aspheric • • 1.50 Transitions® Signature™ VII (Gray) • • 1.50 Transitions® Signature™ VII (Brown) • •

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