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OCT 2016

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84 E y e c a r e B u s i n e s s . c o m October 2016 N E W P R O D U C T S buyer's guide T H E L A T E S T I N T E C H A D V A N C E S { E Q U I PM E N T } Next-Level Edging Coburn Technologies is following up on its successful HPE-8000 edger with the new HPE- 8000X, which provides new features and advancements to support in-office finishing labs. New key features include: è Step bevel cutting, which ensures precise lens fit into high-wrap styles è 11 edge finishes, including rimless, grooving, mini bevel, u-bevel, and partial grooving è Frame shape modification, which allows users to modify the shape of the frame more easily with R/L shape switching, R/L shape mirroring, and free modification è 6 different edging positions, which help provide more choices when matching lens and frame eye wire geometry è High-performance wheel design that offers enhanced speed, polish quality, and easier wheel maintenance for polishing. I N F O: 800-COBURN-1, coburntechnologies.com { CO N TAC T L E N S E S } A Better Two-Week Modality CooperVision has launched Avaira Vitality, a superior version of its Avaira two-week con- tact lenses. Avaira Vitality sphere and toric lenses are made from a new material (fanfilcon A) that features a higher water content (55%) as well as a high level of oxygen permeability and transmissibility, resulting in overall comfort for wearers, according to the company. The lenses now block more than 90% of UVA and 99% of UVB rays. The lenses feature Optimized Ballast Design technology, which provides stability and optimal visual acuity. They will be available in a power range of +8.00D to -10.00D, with cylinder options of 0.75D, 1.25D, 1.75D, and 2.25D in axes from 10° to 180° in 10° steps. They have a modulus of 0.6MPa, a DK of 90, and a Dk/t of 82. The base curve is 8.5 mm and the diameter is 14.5 mm. Distribution of Avaira Vitality sphere fit sets and lenses has begun, with toric becoming available in Decem- ber in a limited parameter range. The full power range is planned for 2017. I N F O: coopervision.com COBURN COBURN TECHNOLOGIES / HPE-8000X edger TECHNOLOGIES COBURN TECHNOLOGIES / HPE-8000X edger / COBURN TECHNOLOGIES / HPE-8000X edger HPE-8000X COBURN TECHNOLOGIES / HPE-8000X edger edger COBURN TECHNOLOGIES / HPE-8000X edger { S P E C TAC L E L E N S E S } Smart Lenses Expand Rochester Optical continues to expand the parameters and uses of its Smart GOLD lenses, the prescrip- tion lenses optimized to fit a range of smart eyewear products and heads-up displays, including Google Glass, Recon Jet and others. Rochester has upgraded the lenses' AR to its Blue AR, which blocks high- energy visible blue light. This coating minimizes digital eye strain and may reduce the risk of early-onset macular degeneration. Blue AR is also anti-glare, anti-scratch, and anti-smudge. In addition, Rochester Optical has designed a Smart GOLD prescription lens insert for Microsoft's HoloLens, breakthrough wearable tech that allows users to interact with high-def holograms. The Rx insert will also allow users who need vision correction to enjoy the product. I N F O: 800-820-6616, rochesteroptical.com ROCHESTER OPTICAL / Smart GOLD lenses COOPERVISION / Avaira Vitality

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