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OCT 2016

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C O R P O R A T E P R O F I L E Essilor ince our inception, Essilor has stood for one thing—our mission of improving lives by improving sight. Our innovations, our strategy, and our support of independent optometry are all focused on serving the more than 4 billion people around the world in need of vision correction. We believe independent optometry is the best way to deliver on this mission. We know and understand that the rapidly chang- ing marketplace creates new challenges for the independent eyecare professional (ECP). Therefore, we invest and will continue to invest in the long-term sustainability of their practices. The ECP is stronger when supported by programs and products that increase competitiveness, deliver new patients, and enhance growth poten- tial, and we will continue to lead the way with innovations and technologies that are available to consumers only through ECPs. Supporting Optometry Through Innovation For us, it begins with innovation. In 1959, Essilor drove a major breakthrough in the ophthalmic world by inventing Varilux®, the world's first progressive lens. Varilux revolutionized the correction of presbyopia, and each version of the lens improves the design and continues to provide wearers with the sharpest, most natural vision including smooth transitions at any distance. Varilux leads the category as the most recognized progressive lens brand worldwide. Beyond the Progressive While Varilux continues to be a standout lens innovation, we have produced a number of other industry firsts as well. This includes Orma®, the first plastic lens. Far lighter than a glass lens, plastic lenses are nearly unbreakable and thus much safer than glass. Since the introduction of plastic lenses in the 1960s, they have been the preferred choice, mainly because they are so much lighter than glass and are impact-resistant. Today, many Essilor lenses are also made from polycarbonate. In our ongoing quest to produce new and relevant products to correct and protect vision, we began adding coating treatments to our lenses. Anti-reflective coating was first added to our glass lenses in 1965 and to our plastic lenses in 1975. At that time, we were also experimenting with scratch- and smudge-resistant coatings. By 1994, we had perfected a new type of coating that could be used in the manufacturing of organic lenses, and we produced Crizal®, a multilayer, high-performance, anti-reflective, water- and oil-resistant coating. Today, Crizal lenses also reduce exposure to UV light, providing the clearest vision possible with 25 times more UV protection than going without eyewear. Another major step forward for optometry was the development of photochromic lenses that adjust from clear indoors to dark outdoors when exposed to UV light. Transitions® was the first photochromic plastic lens and is the most recommended lens in this segment worldwide. Transitions lenses rapidly darken when exposed to the sun's ultraviolet light and fade back to their original state when UV light is no longer present. Innovating for the Future As life expectancy increases, we are on the forefront of creating products that help protect the eyes throughout life. We're especially excited about our new Smart Blue Filter™ feature, designed to help reduce the amount of Harmful Blue Light 1 entering the eyes by at least 20 percent. We believe strongly that all consumers deserve to be protected, and that's why we've added Smart Blue Filter at no additional cost to products like Eyezen™+ lenses for people 45 and under, Varilux digital lenses for consumers ages 45 and above, and Transitions® adaptive lenses™. Crizal® Prevencia®+ provides even more protection from Harmful Blue Light, and is created when Crizal® Pre- vencia® is applied to any Essilor lens with the Smart Blue Filter feature. We also know that lifestyles are changing. Millennials today typically spend at least four hours per day in front of screens and devices. That's why we created Eyezen™, an enhanced single vision lens designed to help prevent digital eye strain and allow wearers to see digital devices comfortably from any distance. We designed Eyezen with younger emmetropes in mind, as we know they are spending an increasing amount of time using digital devices and often are not actively engaged in their own eye health. We consider Eyezen one of the most important innovations in the single vision world and believe that in the coming years it will be the standout solution for single vision. Lenses and More While the lens has always been at the core of our business, we realize that the market is changing and we must evolve in order to continue to provide the best optical solutions for ECPs and consumers. For example, we recognize that the internet and the digitalization of the economy have transformed the way consum- ers learn about eye health and the optical solutions available. To address this fact, we are strengthening our consumer com- munication. We see this as a key way to create value alongside innovation; to develop brand awareness, educate consumers about new visual solutions, and promote the importance of the annual eye exam to support the independent optometry difference. Our consumer promotions will continue to drive loyalty to our brands and support the business of independent ECPs. We also support the Think About Your Eyes® initiative to expand awareness for all consumers, ultimately growing the industry. s S P O N S O R E D B Y E S S I L O R Our Vision for the Future

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