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OCT 2016

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perform the simple finishing process. What usually evolves is one of the staffers taking the lead of the responsibilities, with others filling in. This can happen because of the technology in today's lens finishing systems: Their "one and done" process inte- gration makes them more accurate, user-friendly, and easier to maintain than ever before. How can you free up staff? Consider the staff time spent tracking a job's progress through the wholesale lab, handling returns due to inaccuracies, and rescheduling customer pickup times. That can be drastically reduced if the job is done in-house. MYTH: I Won't Be Able to Do All Jobs Because of Costly Breakage. You'll be pleased with the fact that the breakage issues are not what they used to be in older genera- tions of finishing systems, our experts note. Here's a tip: start out finishing only the simplest, inexpensive jobs until your operator's confidence grows. In time, you'll be producing beautiful lens work that can be done in a day, making the patient happy, and keeping more of your profits in-house. —Susan Tarrant Think of it as turning a space the size of a closet or small tabletop into one of the highest profit and customer service areas of an office. Surfacing Myth #1 Free-form processing equipment is following the lead of edgers, becoming smaller, and more automatic. That means systems that are small enough, easy enough, and affordable enough for some retail establishments. The biggest myth surrounding in-house surfacing is that it's too expensive. That's not true at all, says Kevin Cross of Schneider Optical Machines. "It is no more expensive than paying your lab bills," Cross says. The operation of the equipment is easy, and advantages to one's business are many. "Your direct-to-consumer pricing will pay for the capital debt payments with as little as 10 to 12 Rx's a day," he says. Another consideration: what he calls "control- - Another consideration: what he calls "control- ling your own destiny" when it comes to quality, patient service, and profits. Simplicity that works for every optical We cover your project from initial space planning and design through in-house European based production of your optical displays and furniture, and installation follow up. Contact us now & see how we can improve your optical business! Bringing you European Design since 2012! Presenta Nova Inc. p +1 888 959 1471 info@presenta-nova.com www.presenta-nova.com Find us on: E Y E O N E Q U I P M E N T

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