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OCT 2016

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36 E y e c a r e B u s i n e s s . c o m October 2016 B U S I N E S S S T R A T E G I E S equipment for a trial. I frequently arrange for demos on-site with current customers. We also have a popular "Lunch 'n' Learn" program. eb: What's the toughest aspect of being a rep? km: Helping an office or buyer that is not ready to hear how to better their business. We can help see what works. I refer to us as "free consultants." jb: As a new, first-time father, it's definitely being away from my 8-month-old, Ruby. Also, my territory gets hit pretty hard in winter, which presents travel challenges. eb: What's the best part of being a rep? km: My buyers! I love when they get excited about product, when they get married and have children, when they come up with a great idea for the practice. jb: I am results-driven and really enjoy training clients, plus helping them make the most of their careers and realize compelling big-picture results. eb: Any tips for buyers? km: Listen to reps. You don't have to do every- thing we suggest, but ask what works. Be willing to change. Try new things. jb: Make sure staff is in full support of your business and growth-based decisions. Don't let reluctance to something new negatively impact your bottom line. eb: How can buyers prep for meetings? km: Have my inventory ready to go with a printout so I can compare what I find to what [your printout says] you have. jb: Schedule 30 minutes to an hour of dedicated time with the owner. Be prepared to be asked to do business together, but do it only when you believe the rep understands yours! —Stephanie K. De Long "Schedule 30 minutes to an hour of dedicated time with the owner. Be prepared to be asked to do business together, but do it only when you believe the rep understands yours!" — JAYSUN BARR, ABOC, SENIOR IN-OFFICE FINISHING CONSULTANT WITH SANTINELLI INTERNATIONAL DAWN TO DUSK WITH… Kylie Matya clocks 40,000 miles a year for Safilo and has four kids under 11. A typical day? 6:30 A.M.: Alarm. Reach for phone. Read emails. 8:00 A.M.: Jump into car. Call a synergy partner. 8:30 A.M.: Local today. First account has a board allotment—looks at what's new, adds sunwear for color, and has me fill in with her good sellers. 9:45 A.M.: This office saves tags. I check them, do inventory, show product, and review where they are. 10:30 A.M.: Next stop, I discuss their return rate up front to help bring it down. 11:30 A.M.: Informed office. I meet with buyer. They are always looking to improve. 12:30 P.M.: Eat in my minivan "office." The passenger seat is my desk. 12:45 P.M.: Call Minnesota counterpart, then conference call with major account team. 2:15 P.M.: Last meeting. Account gets it. Grows every year. 4:00 P.M.: Get daughter and HOME! Then contact accounts and reps. 5:00 P.M.: Crossfit! 6:20 P.M.: Dinner, kids' baths/bed. 8:30 P.M.: Glass of wine with husband. Sigh. 10:30 P.M.: Bed! Kylie Matya with husband Ben and three of their four children

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