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AUG 2016

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F E A T U R E S P E C T A C L E L E N S E S EB opposed to 1.74 because 1.60 has an Abbe value of 38 and 1.74 has 34. The 1.60 lens material was not the thinnest, but still thinner than poly or standard plastic. To stop reflected light from passing through the outside edges of the lenses, the edges weren't polished. We applied a premium AR, an advance from the previous lens treatment on his prior disappointing Rx. After months of emailing back and forth, he finally approved my lens recom- mendations, ordered the glasses, and was "entirely happy" with the result. è GREET: A simple hello with eye contact is fine. If there's a fierce diatribe, offer a room or remote table so you can "focus totally" on the client's problem. è LISTEN: Nod with lips zipped. è COMMISERATE: Offer sympathy, but don't overdo it. Saying, "I understand" is enough. è ACKNOWLEDGE: Recognize that there is a problem and briefly review their input. è AFFIRM: Confirm that the problem will be fixed to their satisfaction. è STATE: Share how you intend to solve the problem. è REPEAT: Summarize the problem and solution. è ASK: Inquire if the customer under- stands the problem and solution. Repeat until they affirm that they do—and that they are satisfied. è RESOLVE: If the situation isn't resolved on the spot, make sure all actions are in place for a future resolution and that the customer has a time frame. è FAREWELL: A graceful thank-you is enough for a resolved situation. If you have to "fire" the client (i.e., the situation can't be resolved or customer satisfied), do what you must to create closure and say a firm goodbye. Do not apologize. After months of emailing back and forth, he finally approved my recommenda- tions, ordered the glasses, and was 'entirely happy' with the result. —SUSAN SMITH, LDO, office of James Podschun, O.D., PA Reaction Time: A Sliding Scale Just as customer emotions escalate, so can your steps in dealing with problems. Keep calm and carry on with this quick-start guide to coping with tough customers. 74 E y e c a r e B u s i n e s s . c o m August 2016 Tough Customer Ti Turned That Frown Upside Down? A graceful "thank you" is enough for a resolved situation.

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