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AUG 2016

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Tough ve Got difficult lens customers? 3 eyecare professionals dish out details on their most outlandish experiences—and the resolutions that built relationships B Y K A R L E N M c L E A N K now how to turn that patient frown right around? Read on for three eyebrow-raising lens customer experiences—plus smart examples of ECPs' lens wisdom and interaction toughness that resulted in pure client love. 1. Scratch Champion Patrick Fasano, RDO, ABOC, owner, Focus Opticians, San Anselmo, CA A client kept falling on his bike, had a car accident, then a hiking accident—all within three months. He insisted I cover the cost of replacing his "scratch-proof " replacing his "scratch-proof " lenses. lenses replacing his "scratch-proof " lenses. I explained th I explained that no lenses on this planet are scratch proo are scratch proof, only scratch resistant. So, he paid for three he paid for three pairs of replace- pairs of replace- ment lenses. The next time he scratched his lenses, he went to a big- box retailer to save money. He couldn't see through those replacement lenses. He broug lenses. He brought them to me, and them to me, and the Rx verification s Rx verification showed they were the wr they were the wrong power. He begged m He begged me to fix it and asked if there wa asked if there was insurance for glasses. I wanted glasses. I wanted to be a hero and satisfy glasses. I wanted to be a hero and satisfy this client, and c this client, and came up with an idea for I wanted to be a hero and sat- isfy this client, and came up with an idea for chronic lens scratchers. —PATRICK FASANO, RDO, ABOC, owner, Focus Opticians chronic lens scratchers. I made him an offer to do five pairs of lenses for the price of three. He jumped at the deal—and used it up within seven months' time. This worked well for me, as low-powered single-vision lenses are rela- tively inexpensive. It was a moneymaking business venture plus made him a happy, loyal client. He told his friends, and now I have around 12 clients who benefit from that little insurance policy! 2. High Maintenance Dianna Finisecy, ABOC, president, Wagner Wagner Opticians, Washington, DC Opticians Wagner Opticians, Washington, DC Washington, Wagner Opticians, Washington, DC DC We have a highly myopic y We have a highly myopic myopic customer with Sjogren's h customer with Sjogren's Sjogren's syndrome who suffers e syndrome who suffers who suffers from extremely xtremely dry eyes. She's yes. She's a germaphobe ermaphobe a germaphobe who's sensitive ho's who's sensitive sensitive to materials, o to materials, materials, scents, lens cents, scents, lens lens centering, and entering, centering, and and frame tilt. ame frame tilt. tilt. We make her moisture- r her moisture- moisture- chamber amber chamber glasses with sses glasses with with shields mounted ds mounted between her lenses en between her lenses her lenses and the frame to frame and the frame to to form an airtight irtight form an airtight chamber that doesn't at chamber that doesn't doesn't irritate her skin. Because n. irritate her skin. Because Because she can't tolerate the temples the she can't tolerate the temples temples touching her ears, we use a we touching her ears, we use a use a sports band instead. We've learned over the course of e We've learned over the course of course of 16 years of trial and error that she can't hat 16 years of trial and error that she can't she can't 70 E y e c a r e B u s i n e s s . c o m Au August 2016

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