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AUG 2016

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repaired or replaced. The glasses were really beat up, but we were able to trace the one good side and transfer it over to the missing side. Once the lens was edged, the easy part was over, because upon closer inspection we saw that the frame was bent near the screw, which meant the lens would not fit into the frame. Luckily with a little shaping, bending, and a new screw, the patient was able to leave the office see- ing clearly. . . and very happy! —Susan Tarrant One of the very first customers in our Indiana shop was a little boy. He was either four or five years old. His Rx was a -3.00 -.75 in the right and -3.50 in the left. The amazing thing is that he never wore glasses before. Imagine that! What was super cool was his reaction. When I put his glasses on, he started laughing really hard. He was looking all over the place and calling out all the details that he was seeing. Nothing better than the laughter of a child! After he and mom left, I could not help but think about how lucky we are to do what we do every day. It's not always about doing that truly heroic Rx, it's really about doing our best at making small miracles possible. è LAB TO THE RESCUE Kathy Cabero, optometric assistant, 20/20 Optometry of Silicon Valley, San Jose, CA The craziest in-house experience I've had is a patient who came in after a party-filled Fourth of July holiday weekend. He had somehow lost only the left lens on his glasses and was on a very tight budget to get them Simplicity that works for every optical Whether you are doing a simple optical remodel or planning a build-out - we will guide you smoothly through the whole process. Contact us now and let us help you improve your optical business! p +1 888 959 1471 info@presenta-nova.com www.presenta-nova.com Presenta Nova Inc. 116 West 23rd Street New York City, NY 10011 Planning | Design | Production | Installation Las Vegas, NV September 15-17 Booth 25079 Bringing you European Design since 2012: Anda Optical, Split, Croatia SEND US YOUR STORIES! Attention lab rats and edging aficionados: we know there are many moments in your day making or cutting lenses that make you shake your head, swell your chest in pride, or have a good laugh. Inspirational or silly, we'd love to hear your stories. Please send to Susan Tarrant at susan.tarrant@PentaVisionMedia.com. The amazing thing is that he never wore glasses before…When I put his glasses on, he started laugh- ing really hard. He was looking all over the place and calling out all the details that he was seeing. —PETER GRIMES, president/CEO of EYEQuity

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