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AUG 2016

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Every patient is returned to the referring doctor after low vision services are complete . Diagnosis: ARMD Distance Visual Acuity: OD 20/100 OD 20/150 Near Visual Acuity: 1 M with difficulty RESULTS 3 separate devices were designed for this woman: 1) For TV: Full Diameter Telescope OD with black out lens OS 2) For Computer: a reading cap to fit over the Full Diameter Telescope. 3) For Glare Reduction: E-Scoop Proprietary Tinted Progressive Lenses. GOALS Improve vision on TV, computer, and reduce glare. SUMMARY After considering the recommendations, DM decided #1 and #3 were most important to her. At the dispensing visit, DM expressed how images were "more sharp and defined" with the E-Scoop Progressive Lenses. With the FDTS, she was "able to see the images on the TV more clearly". Visit www.IALVS.com to search for a low vision doctor near you. Simply say, "I will continue to care for your eyes, but this doctor may be able to help get more out of your remaining vision. I recommend you call them." FINDINGS CONTACT RICHARD J. SHULDINER, OD, FAAO Founder & President, IALVS (888) 567-2020 | Doctor@LowVisionCare.com www.IALVS.org www.OptometricPracticeConsultants.com This poor woman was told nothing more could be done!Ó Shaun Golemba, OD Port Alberni, British Columbia Port Alberni, British Columbia Member, IALVS since 2015 CASE STUDY DM, a retired secretary, presented for Low Vision examination after reading an article in her local newspaper. She has been seeing Optometrists and Ophthalmologists regularly for management of her AMD and glaucoma, but none of her doctors suggested contacting a low vision doctor. " " HAVE A PATIENT TO REFER? THE IALVS TOLL FREE HOT LINE IS AVAILABLE TO PATIENTS AND REFERRING DOCTORS: (888) 778-2030 SOME RESOURCES FOR LOW VISION CARE Simply Tell Your Patient To Google Search: "Low Vision Doctors" "I love my new E-Scoop glasses. I can see clearly again!Ó D.M. | Low Vision Patient of Dr. Golemba D.M. | Low Vision Patient of Dr. Golemba " State Department of Rehabilitation American Foundation for the Blind American Optometric Association International Academy of Low Vision Specialists (IALVS) American Academy of Optometry US Department of Veterans Affairs Lighthouse/Guild for the Blind

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