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AUG 2016

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www.pfoglobal.com • 866.996.7849 • Learn more about VITARIS TM during the B.L.U.E. summer education series VITARIS TM 1.74 is a DoGreen product featuring the world's first plant derived material for ophthalmic high-index lenses first Offer Your Patients the Protection they Deserve VITARIS TM lenses are the latest in blue light blocking technology and protect eyes from up to 420nm of harmful HEV/UV light. B.L.U.E. Blue Light Understanding & Education Availability VITARIS is available in a variety of materials and finish options. Contact PFO Optima for more information about how VITARIS can help your practice protect patients, and increase dispensary profits. *Some studies suggest that prolonged exposure to blue light may increase the risk of long term eye damage including AMD 380nm 420nm 420nm 380nm Typical UV Treated Lens VITARIS TM Zero Protection Sunglasses block UV up to 400nm Vitaris lenses block up to 420nm Sunburned Eyes Cataracts / Computer Vision Syndrome / AMD* UVB & UVA Ultraviolet rays Visible rays 400 420 Temporary Eye Damage Risk of Long Term Eye Damage State of the art protection with clear lenses vs. other products with noticeable tints or hues VITARIS TM protects from harmful UVA, UVB, and HEV (High Energy Visible) Light up to 420 nm without the addition of a blue blocking A/R coat. Did You Know? More than nine out of 10 people with digital eye strain use digital devices for two or more hours each day. Vision Council Digital Eye Strain Report 2016

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