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AUG 2016

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he way we communicate is changing, and it's time for businesses to change with it. Kevin Henne, O.D., has owned a busy practice in Winter Haven, FL, for over 35 years. He under- stands he and his staff can't do it all. And, after spending endless hours and money on labels, ink, recall postcards, survey cards, birthday cards, post- age, and more, he was frustrated by the poor response rate. "As my practice grew, these became impossible tasks due to limited time and expense," says Dr. Henne. "Now that I use Solutionreach, everything is automated and very customizable." ›› APPOINTMENT REMINDERS. Technology can automate appointment reminders delivered through email, text, and customizable phone call messages. This benefit has proven to decrease patient no-shows by approximately 50%. "My staff loves it," raves Dr. Henne. "It saves them so much time!" It also allows patients to confirm their appointments and enter them into their electronic calen- dars with the touch of a button. When integrated with Google Now, calendar notifica- tions can provide patients with useful information such as real-time traffic and weather conditions around the time of their appointment. ›› REACTIVATION. Patients are lost for a variety of reasons. Patient engagement software like Solutionreach scours a practice's patient database and recovers thousands of patients who have visited but not returned for years. "It reactivates patients who may have fallen through the cracks," says Dr. Henne. "It's amazing, within only a few weeks of first installing Solutionreach, my practice was up 25%." ›› LAST-MINUTE CANCELLATIONS. Last-minute cancellations are costly and disruptive to the flow of your practice. The best solution is to try to swiftly fill the slot with another patient. As opposed to manually making phone calls to patients on your waiting list, the process can happen in moments with on-demand messaging that sends mass notifications to patients when an appointment opens up. "I call it my 'magic button,'" says Dr. Henne. "At any time we have 40 to 80 patients on our waiting list. When a last- minute cancellation happens, we just hit our 'magic button' and the slot is usually filled within 30 minutes or less. In 2015, we had less than a dozen open appointments that went unfilled as a result of this feature." By embracing automation, Dr. Henne runs his office more efficiently and profitably. He and his staff benefit from spending less time mired in routine tasks, and his patients experience the many benefits of automated technology. "Ninety-nine percent of my patients love it," said Dr. Henne. "As fantastic as all of my advanced diagnostic equip- ment is, I would gladly give away any of those pieces if I had to pick between it and my subscription to Solutionreach. Be prepared for explosive growth. It will totally rock your world." —Samantha Toth Samantha Toth is the resident marketing rock star for Innexus® by Innereactive Media, specializing in websites, social media, and marketing for the eyecare industry. Learn more at GetInnexus.com. Create a More Efficient Practice With Auto mation t SOLUTIONREACH BY THE NUMBERS ›› Reactivates an average of 1,000 additional patients, resulting in approximately $300,000* more profit in the first year. ›› Fills an average of six late cancellations per month, resulting in approximately $21,600* more in profit per year. ›› Reduces no-show patients by 50%, recovering otherwise lost revenue of approximately $36,000* per year. ›› Evokes an average of 75 new online reviews and 150 new patient surveys per year. * Amount based on average of $300 profit per patient with an industry average no-show rate of 10% for a practice with 10 exams per day, 5 days per week. SPONSORED BY ››››››››››››› S M A R T S O L U T I O N S

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